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Updated: xkeyboard-config 2.12

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xkeyboard-config - XKB data description files


xkeyboard-config provides the description files for the X Keyboard Extension (XKB). The configuration options below are usually applied with setxkbmap?(1).


<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Model</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pc102</TD> <TD>Generic 102-key (Intl) PC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pc104</TD> <TD>Generic 104-key PC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pc105</TD> <TD>Generic 105-key (Intl) PC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dell101</TD> <TD>Dell 101-key PC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|latitude</TD> <TD>Dell Latitude series laptop

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dellm65</TD> <TD>Dell Precision M65

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|everex</TD> <TD>Everex STEPnote

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|flexpro</TD> <TD>Keytronic FlexPro

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoft</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|omnikey101</TD> <TD>Northgate OmniKey 101

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|winbook</TD> <TD>Winbook Model XP5

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pc98</TD> <TD>PC-98xx Series

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|a4techKB21</TD> <TD>A4Tech KB-21

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|a4techKBS8</TD> <TD>A4Tech KBS-8

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|a4_rfkb23</TD> <TD>A4Tech Wireless Desktop RFKB-23

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|airkey</TD> <TD>Acer AirKey V

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|azonaRF2300</TD> <TD>Azona RF2300 wireless Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|scorpius</TD> <TD>Advance Scorpius KI

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|brother</TD> <TD>Brother Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc5113rf</TD> <TD>BTC 5113RF Multimedia

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc5126t</TD> <TD>BTC 5126T

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc6301urf</TD> <TD>BTC 6301URF

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc9000</TD> <TD>BTC 9000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc9000a</TD> <TD>BTC 9000A

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc9001ah</TD> <TD>BTC 9001AH

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc5090</TD> <TD>BTC 5090

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc9019u</TD> <TD>BTC 9019U

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|btc9116u</TD> <TD>BTC 9116U Mini Wireless Internet and Gaming

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cherryblue</TD> <TD>Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cherryblueb</TD> <TD>Cherry CyMotion Master XPress

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cherrybluea</TD> <TD>Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd (alternate option)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cherrycyboard</TD> <TD>Cherry CyBo@rd USB-Hub

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cherrycmexpert</TD> <TD>Cherry CyMotion Expert

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cherrybunlim</TD> <TD>Cherry B.UNLIMITED

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|chicony</TD> <TD>Chicony Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|chicony0108</TD> <TD>Chicony KU-0108

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|chicony0420</TD> <TD>Chicony KU-0420

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|chicony9885</TD> <TD>Chicony KB-9885

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compaqeak8</TD> <TD>Compaq Easy Access Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compaqik7</TD> <TD>Compaq Internet Keyboard (7 keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compaqik13</TD> <TD>Compaq Internet Keyboard (13 keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compaqik18</TD> <TD>Compaq Internet Keyboard (18 keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cymotionlinux</TD> <TD>Cherry CyMotion Master Linux

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|armada</TD> <TD>Laptop/notebook Compaq (eg. Armada) Laptop Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|presario</TD> <TD>Laptop/notebook Compaq (eg. Presario) Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ipaq</TD> <TD>Compaq iPaq Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dell</TD> <TD>Dell

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dellsk8125</TD> <TD>Dell SK-8125

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dellsk8135</TD> <TD>Dell SK-8135

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dellusbmm</TD> <TD>Dell USB Multimedia Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|inspiron</TD> <TD>Dell Laptop/notebook Inspiron 6xxx/8xxx

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|precision_m</TD> <TD>Dell Laptop/notebook Precision M series

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dexxa</TD> <TD>Dexxa Wireless Desktop Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|diamond</TD> <TD>Diamond 9801 / 9802 series

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dtk2000</TD> <TD>DTK2000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ennyah_dkb1008</TD> <TD>Ennyah DKB-1008

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fscaa1667g</TD> <TD>Fujitsu-Siemens Computers AMILO laptop

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|genius</TD> <TD>Genius Comfy KB-16M / Genius MM Keyboard KWD-910

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|geniuscomfy</TD> <TD>Genius Comfy KB-12e

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|geniuscomfy2</TD> <TD>Genius Comfy KB-21e-Scroll

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|geniuskb19e</TD> <TD>Genius KB-19e NB

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|geniuskkb2050hs</TD> <TD>Genius KKB-2050HS

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gyration</TD> <TD>Gyration

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|htcdream</TD> <TD>HTC Dream

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kinesis</TD> <TD>Kinesis

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logitech_base</TD> <TD>Logitech Generic Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logitech_g15</TD> <TD>Logitech G15 extra keys via G15daemon

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpi6</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hp250x</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard SK-250x Multimedia Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpxe3gc</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XE3 GC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpxe3gf</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XE3 GF

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpxt1000</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XT1000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpdv5</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Pavilion dv5

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpzt11xx</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Pavilion ZT11xx

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hp500fa</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 500 FA

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hp5xx</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 5xx

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpnx9020</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard nx9020

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hp6000</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 6000/6100

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|honeywell_euroboard</TD> <TD>Honeywell Euroboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hpmini110</TD> <TD>Hewlett-Packard Mini 110 Notebook

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rapidaccess</TD> <TD>IBM Rapid Access

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rapidaccess2</TD> <TD>IBM Rapid Access II

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|thinkpad</TD> <TD>IBM ThinkPad 560Z/600/600E/A22E

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|thinkpad60</TD> <TD>IBM ThinkPad R60/T60/R61/T61

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|thinkpadz60</TD> <TD>IBM ThinkPad Z60m/Z60t/Z61m/Z61t

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ibm_spacesaver</TD> <TD>IBM Space Saver

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiaccess</TD> <TD>Logitech Access Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiclx300</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop LX-300

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logii350</TD> <TD>Logitech Internet 350 Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logimel</TD> <TD>Logitech Media Elite Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicd</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicd_it</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop iTouch

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicd_nav</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicd_opt</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicda</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop (alternate option)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicdpa2</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro (alternate option 2)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicfn</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Freedom/Desktop Navigator

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicdn</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiitc</TD> <TD>Logitech iTouch Cordless Keyboard (model Y-RB6)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiik</TD> <TD>Logitech Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|itouch</TD> <TD>Logitech iTouch

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logicink</TD> <TD>Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiex110</TD> <TD>Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiinkse</TD> <TD>Logitech iTouch Internet Navigator Keyboard SE

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiinkseusb</TD> <TD>Logitech iTouch Internet Navigator Keyboard SE (USB)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiultrax</TD> <TD>Logitech Ultra-X Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logiultraxc</TD> <TD>Logitech Ultra-X Cordless Media Desktop Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logidinovo</TD> <TD>Logitech diNovo Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|logidinovoedge</TD> <TD>Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mx1998</TD> <TD>Memorex MX1998

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mx2500</TD> <TD>Memorex MX2500 EZ-Access Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mx2750</TD> <TD>Memorex MX2750

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoft4000</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoft7000</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 7000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftinet</TD> <TD>Microsoft Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftpro</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro / Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftprousb</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro USB / Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftprooem</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro OEM

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|vsonku306</TD> <TD>ViewSonic KU-306 Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftprose</TD> <TD>Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro, Swedish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftoffice</TD> <TD>Microsoft Office Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftmult</TD> <TD>Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftelite</TD> <TD>Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|microsoftccurve2k</TD> <TD>Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|oretec</TD> <TD>Ortek MCK-800 MM/Internet keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|propeller</TD> <TD>Propeller Voyager (KTEZ-1000)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|qtronix</TD> <TD>QTronix Scorpius 98N+

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|samsung4500</TD> <TD>Samsung SDM 4500P

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|samsung4510</TD> <TD>Samsung SDM 4510P

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sanwaskbkg3</TD> <TD>Sanwa Supply SKB-KG3

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk1300</TD> <TD>SK-1300

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk2500</TD> <TD>SK-2500

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk6200</TD> <TD>SK-6200

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk7100</TD> <TD>SK-7100

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sp_inet</TD> <TD>Super Power Multimedia Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sven</TD> <TD>SVEN Ergonomic 2500

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sven303</TD> <TD>SVEN Slim 303

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|symplon</TD> <TD>Symplon PaceBook (tablet PC)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|toshiba_s3000</TD> <TD>Toshiba Satellite S3000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|trust</TD> <TD>Trust Wireless Keyboard Classic

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|trustda</TD> <TD>Trust Direct Access Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|trust_slimline</TD> <TD>Trust Slimline

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm2020</TD> <TD>TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2020

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm2030PS2</TD> <TD>TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 PS2

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm2030USB</TD> <TD>TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm2030USB-102</TD> <TD>TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB (102/105:EU mode)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm2030USB-106</TD> <TD>TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB (106:JP mode)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|yahoo</TD> <TD>Yahoo! Internet Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|macbook78</TD> <TD>MacBook/MacBook Pro

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|macbook79</TD> <TD>MacBook/MacBook Pro (Intl)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|macintosh</TD> <TD>Macintosh

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|macintosh_old</TD> <TD>Macintosh Old

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|macintosh_hhk</TD> <TD>Happy Hacking Keyboard for Mac

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|acer_c300</TD> <TD>Acer C300

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|acer_ferrari4k</TD> <TD>Acer Ferrari 4000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|acer_laptop</TD> <TD>Acer Laptop

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|asus_laptop</TD> <TD>Asus Laptop

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|apple</TD> <TD>Apple

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|apple_laptop</TD> <TD>Apple Laptop

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|applealu_ansi</TD> <TD>Apple Aluminium Keyboard (ANSI)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|applealu_iso</TD> <TD>Apple Aluminium Keyboard (ISO)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|applealu_jis</TD> <TD>Apple Aluminium Keyboard (JIS)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|silvercrest</TD> <TD>SILVERCREST Multimedia Wireless Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|emachines</TD> <TD>Laptop/notebook eMachines m68xx

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|benqx</TD> <TD>BenQ X-Touch

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|benqx730</TD> <TD>BenQ X-Touch 730

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|benqx800</TD> <TD>BenQ X-Touch 800

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hhk</TD> <TD>Happy Hacking Keyboard

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|classmate</TD> <TD>Classmate PC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|olpc</TD> <TD>OLPC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type7_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 7 USB

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type7_euro_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 7 USB (European layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type7_unix_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 7 USB (Unix layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type7_jp_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 7 USB (Japanese layout) / Japanese 106-key

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type6_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 6/7 USB

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type6_euro_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 6/7 USB (European layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type6_unix_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 6 USB (Unix layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type6_jp_usb</TD> <TD>Sun Type 6 USB (Japanese layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sun_type6_jp</TD> <TD>Sun Type 6 (Japanese layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|targa_v811</TD> <TD>Targa Visionary 811

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|unitekkb1925</TD> <TD>Unitek KB-1925

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compalfl90</TD> <TD>FL90

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|creativedw7000</TD> <TD>Creative Desktop Wireless 7000

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|htcdream</TD> <TD>Htc Dream phone

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>


<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Layout(Variant)</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(chr)</TD> <TD>Cherokee

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(euro)</TD> <TD>English (US, with euro on 5)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(intl)</TD> <TD>English (US, international with dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(alt-intl)</TD> <TD>English (US, alternative international)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(colemak)</TD> <TD>English (Colemak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvorak)</TD> <TD>English (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvorak-intl)</TD> <TD>English (Dvorak, international with dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvorak-alt-intl)</TD> <TD>English (Dvorak alternative international no dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvorak-l)</TD> <TD>English (left handed Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvorak-r)</TD> <TD>English (right handed Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvorak-classic)</TD> <TD>English (classic Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(dvp)</TD> <TD>English (programmer Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(rus)</TD> <TD>Russian (US, phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(mac)</TD> <TD>English (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(altgr-intl)</TD> <TD>English (international AltGr dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(olpc2)</TD> <TD>English (the divide/multiply keys toggle the layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(hbs)</TD> <TD>Serbo-Croatian (US)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(workman)</TD> <TD>English (Workman)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|us(workman-intl)</TD> <TD>English (Workman, international with dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|af</TD> <TD>Afghani

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|af(ps)</TD> <TD>Pashto

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|af(uz)</TD> <TD>Uzbek (Afghanistan)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|af(olpc-ps)</TD> <TD>Pashto (Afghanistan, OLPC)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|af(fa-olpc)</TD> <TD>Persian (Afghanistan, Dari OLPC)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|af(uz-olpc)</TD> <TD>Uzbek (Afghanistan, OLPC)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara</TD> <TD>Arabic

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara(azerty)</TD> <TD>Arabic (azerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara(azerty_digits)</TD> <TD>Arabic (azerty/digits)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara(digits)</TD> <TD>Arabic (digits)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara(qwerty)</TD> <TD>Arabic (qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara(qwerty_digits)</TD> <TD>Arabic (qwerty/digits)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ara(buckwalter)</TD> <TD>Arabic (Buckwalter)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|al</TD> <TD>Albanian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|al(plisi-d1)</TD> <TD>Albanian (Plisi D1)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|am</TD> <TD>Armenian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|am(phonetic)</TD> <TD>Armenian (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|am(phonetic-alt)</TD> <TD>Armenian (alternative phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|am(eastern)</TD> <TD>Armenian (eastern)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|am(western)</TD> <TD>Armenian (western)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|am(eastern-alt)</TD> <TD>Armenian (alternative eastern)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|at</TD> <TD>German (Austria)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|at(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (Austria, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|at(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (Austria, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|at(mac)</TD> <TD>German (Austria, Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|az</TD> <TD>Azerbaijani

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|az(cyrillic)</TD> <TD>Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|by</TD> <TD>Belarusian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|by(legacy)</TD> <TD>Belarusian (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|by(latin)</TD> <TD>Belarusian (Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be</TD> <TD>Belgian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(oss)</TD> <TD>Belgian (alternative)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(oss_latin9)</TD> <TD>Belgian (alternative, Latin-9 only)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(oss_sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Belgian (alternative, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(iso-alternate)</TD> <TD>Belgian (ISO alternate)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Belgian (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Belgian (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|be(wang)</TD> <TD>Belgian (Wang model 724 azerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bd</TD> <TD>Bangla

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bd(probhat)</TD> <TD>Bangla (Probhat)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in</TD> <TD>Indian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ben)</TD> <TD>Bangla (India)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ben_probhat)</TD> <TD>Bangla (India, Probhat)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ben_baishakhi)</TD> <TD>Bangla (India, Baishakhi)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ben_bornona)</TD> <TD>Bangla (India, Bornona)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ben_gitanjali)</TD> <TD>Bangla (India, Uni Gitanjali)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ben_inscript)</TD> <TD>Bangla (India, Baishakhi Inscript)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(eeyek)</TD> <TD>Manipuri (Eeyek)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(guj)</TD> <TD>Gujarati

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(guru)</TD> <TD>Punjabi (Gurmukhi)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(jhelum)</TD> <TD>Punjabi (Gurmukhi Jhelum)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(kan)</TD> <TD>Kannada

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(kan-kagapa)</TD> <TD>Kannada (KaGaPa phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(mal)</TD> <TD>Malayalam

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(mal_lalitha)</TD> <TD>Malayalam (Lalitha)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(mal_enhanced)</TD> <TD>Malayalam (enhanced Inscript, with rupee sign)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(ori)</TD> <TD>Oriya

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tam_unicode)</TD> <TD>Tamil (Unicode)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tam_keyboard_with_numerals)</TD> <TD>Tamil (keyboard with numerals)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tam_TAB)</TD> <TD>Tamil (TAB typewriter)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tam_TSCII)</TD> <TD>Tamil (TSCII typewriter)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tam)</TD> <TD>Tamil

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tel)</TD> <TD>Telugu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(tel-kagapa)</TD> <TD>Telugu (KaGaPa phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(urd-phonetic)</TD> <TD>Urdu (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(urd-phonetic3)</TD> <TD>Urdu (alternative phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(urd-winkeys)</TD> <TD>Urdu (WinKeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(bolnagri)</TD> <TD>Hindi (Bolnagri)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(hin-wx)</TD> <TD>Hindi (Wx)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(hin-kagapa)</TD> <TD>Hindi (KaGaPa phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(san-kagapa)</TD> <TD>Sanskrit (KaGaPa phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(mar-kagapa)</TD> <TD>Marathi (KaGaPa phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|in(eng)</TD> <TD>English (India, with rupee sign)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ba</TD> <TD>Bosnian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ba(alternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Bosnian (with guillemets for quotes)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ba(unicode)</TD> <TD>Bosnian (with Bosnian digraphs)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ba(unicodeus)</TD> <TD>Bosnian (US keyboard with Bosnian digraphs)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ba(us)</TD> <TD>Bosnian (US keyboard with Bosnian letters)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|br</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Brazil)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|br(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Brazil, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|br(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Brazil, Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|br(nativo)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Brazil, Nativo)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|br(nativo-us)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Brazil, Nativo for US keyboards)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|br(nativo-epo)</TD> <TD>Esperanto (Brazil, Nativo)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bg</TD> <TD>Bulgarian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bg(phonetic)</TD> <TD>Bulgarian (traditional phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bg(bas_phonetic)</TD> <TD>Bulgarian (new phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma</TD> <TD>Arabic (Morocco)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(french)</TD> <TD>French (Morocco)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(tifinagh)</TD> <TD>Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(tifinagh-alt)</TD> <TD>Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh alternative)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(tifinagh-alt-phonetic)</TD> <TD>Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh alternative phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(tifinagh-extended)</TD> <TD>Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh extended)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(tifinagh-phonetic)</TD> <TD>Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ma(tifinagh-extended-phonetic)</TD> <TD>Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh extended phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cm</TD> <TD>English (Cameroon)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cm(french)</TD> <TD>French (Cameroon)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cm(qwerty)</TD> <TD>Cameroon Multilingual (qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cm(azerty)</TD> <TD>Cameroon Multilingual (azerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cm(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Cameroon Multilingual (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mm</TD> <TD>Burmese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca</TD> <TD>French (Canada)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(fr-dvorak)</TD> <TD>French (Canada, Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(fr-legacy)</TD> <TD>French (Canada, legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(multix)</TD> <TD>Canadian Multilingual

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(multi)</TD> <TD>Canadian Multilingual (first part)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(multi-2gr)</TD> <TD>Canadian Multilingual (second part)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(ike)</TD> <TD>Inuktitut

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ca(eng)</TD> <TD>English (Canada)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cd</TD> <TD>French (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cn</TD> <TD>Chinese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cn(tib)</TD> <TD>Tibetan

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cn(tib_asciinum)</TD> <TD>Tibetan (with ASCII numerals)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cn(ug)</TD> <TD>Uyghur

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hr</TD> <TD>Croatian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hr(alternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Croatian (with guillemets for quotes)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hr(unicode)</TD> <TD>Croatian (with Croatian digraphs)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hr(unicodeus)</TD> <TD>Croatian (US keyboard with Croatian digraphs)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hr(us)</TD> <TD>Croatian (US keyboard with Croatian letters)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cz</TD> <TD>Czech

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cz(bksl)</TD> <TD>Czech (with <> key)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cz(qwerty)</TD> <TD>Czech (qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cz(qwerty_bksl)</TD> <TD>Czech (qwerty, extended Backslash)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cz(ucw)</TD> <TD>Czech (UCW layout, accented letters only)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|cz(dvorak-ucw)</TD> <TD>Czech (US Dvorak with CZ UCW support)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dk</TD> <TD>Danish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dk(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Danish (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dk(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Danish (Winkeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dk(mac)</TD> <TD>Danish (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dk(mac_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Danish (Macintosh, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|dk(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Danish (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nl</TD> <TD>Dutch

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nl(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Dutch (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nl(mac)</TD> <TD>Dutch (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nl(std)</TD> <TD>Dutch (standard)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bt</TD> <TD>Dzongkha

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ee</TD> <TD>Estonian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ee(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Estonian (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ee(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Estonian (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ee(us)</TD> <TD>Estonian (US keyboard with Estonian letters)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ir</TD> <TD>Persian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ir(pes_keypad)</TD> <TD>Persian (with Persian keypad)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ir(ku)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iran, Latin Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ir(ku_f)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iran, F)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ir(ku_alt)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iran, Latin Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ir(ku_ara)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iran, Arabic-Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|iq</TD> <TD>Iraqi

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|iq(ku)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iraq, Latin Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|iq(ku_f)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iraq, F)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|iq(ku_alt)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iraq, Latin Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|iq(ku_ara)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Iraq, Arabic-Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fo</TD> <TD>Faroese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fo(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Faroese (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fi</TD> <TD>Finnish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fi(classic)</TD> <TD>Finnish (classic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fi(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Finnish (classic, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fi(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Finnish (Winkeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fi(smi)</TD> <TD>Northern Saami (Finland)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fi(mac)</TD> <TD>Finnish (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr</TD> <TD>French

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(oss)</TD> <TD>French (alternative)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(oss_latin9)</TD> <TD>French (alternative, Latin-9 only)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(oss_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (alternative, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(oss_sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (alternative, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(latin9)</TD> <TD>French (legacy, alternative)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(latin9_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (legacy, alternative, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(latin9_sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (legacy, alternative, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(bepo)</TD> <TD>French (Bepo, ergonomic, Dvorak way)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(bepo_latin9)</TD> <TD>French (Bepo, ergonomic, Dvorak way, Latin-9 only)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(dvorak)</TD> <TD>French (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(mac)</TD> <TD>French (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(bre)</TD> <TD>French (Breton)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(oci)</TD> <TD>Occitan

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|fr(geo)</TD> <TD>Georgian (France, AZERTY Tskapo)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh</TD> <TD>English (Ghana)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(generic)</TD> <TD>English (Ghana, multilingual)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(akan)</TD> <TD>Akan

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(ewe)</TD> <TD>Ewe

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(fula)</TD> <TD>Fula

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(ga)</TD> <TD>Ga

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(hausa)</TD> <TD>Hausa

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(avn)</TD> <TD>Avatime

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gh(gillbt)</TD> <TD>English (Ghana, GILLBT)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gn</TD> <TD>French (Guinea)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ge</TD> <TD>Georgian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ge(ergonomic)</TD> <TD>Georgian (ergonomic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ge(mess)</TD> <TD>Georgian (MESS)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ge(ru)</TD> <TD>Russian (Georgia)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ge(os)</TD> <TD>Ossetian (Georgia)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de</TD> <TD>German

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(deadacute)</TD> <TD>German (dead acute)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(deadgraveacute)</TD> <TD>German (dead grave acute)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(T3)</TD> <TD>German (T3)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(ro)</TD> <TD>Romanian (Germany)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(ro_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Romanian (Germany, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(dvorak)</TD> <TD>German (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(neo)</TD> <TD>German (Neo 2)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(mac)</TD> <TD>German (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(mac_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (Macintosh, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(dsb)</TD> <TD>Lower Sorbian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(dsb_qwertz)</TD> <TD>Lower Sorbian (qwertz)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(qwerty)</TD> <TD>German (qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(tr)</TD> <TD>Turkish (Germany)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(ru)</TD> <TD>Russian (Germany, phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|de(legacy)</TD> <TD>German (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gr</TD> <TD>Greek

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gr(simple)</TD> <TD>Greek (simple)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gr(extended)</TD> <TD>Greek (extended)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gr(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Greek (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gr(polytonic)</TD> <TD>Greek (polytonic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu</TD> <TD>Hungarian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(standard)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (standard)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(qwerty)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwertz_comma_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwertz/comma/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwertz_comma_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwertz/comma/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwertz_dot_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwertz/dot/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwertz_dot_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwertz/dot/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwerty_comma_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwerty/comma/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwerty_comma_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwerty/comma/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwerty_dot_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwerty/dot/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(101_qwerty_dot_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (101/qwerty/dot/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwertz_comma_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwertz/comma/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwertz_comma_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwertz/comma/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwertz_dot_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwertz/dot/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwertz_dot_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwertz/dot/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwerty_comma_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwerty/comma/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwerty_comma_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwerty/comma/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwerty_dot_dead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwerty/dot/dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|hu(102_qwerty_dot_nodead)</TD> <TD>Hungarian (102/qwerty/dot/eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|is</TD> <TD>Icelandic

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|is(Sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Icelandic (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|is(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Icelandic (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|is(mac)</TD> <TD>Icelandic (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|is(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Icelandic (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|il</TD> <TD>Hebrew

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|il(lyx)</TD> <TD>Hebrew (lyx)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|il(phonetic)</TD> <TD>Hebrew (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|il(biblical)</TD> <TD>Hebrew (Biblical, Tiro)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it</TD> <TD>Italian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Italian (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Italian (Winkeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it(mac)</TD> <TD>Italian (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it(us)</TD> <TD>Italian (US keyboard with Italian letters)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it(geo)</TD> <TD>Georgian (Italy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|it(ibm)</TD> <TD>Italian (IBM 142)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|jp</TD> <TD>Japanese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|jp(kana)</TD> <TD>Japanese (Kana)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|jp(kana86)</TD> <TD>Japanese (Kana 86)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|jp(OADG109A)</TD> <TD>Japanese (OADG 109A)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|jp(mac)</TD> <TD>Japanese (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|jp(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Japanese (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kg</TD> <TD>Kyrgyz

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kg(phonetic)</TD> <TD>Kyrgyz (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kh</TD> <TD>Khmer (Cambodia)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kz</TD> <TD>Kazakh

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kz(ruskaz)</TD> <TD>Russian (Kazakhstan, with Kazakh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kz(kazrus)</TD> <TD>Kazakh (with Russian)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|la</TD> <TD>Lao

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|la(stea)</TD> <TD>Lao (STEA proposed standard layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|latam</TD> <TD>Spanish (Latin American)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|latam(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Latin American, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|latam(deadtilde)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Latin American, include dead tilde)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|latam(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Latin American, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lt</TD> <TD>Lithuanian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lt(std)</TD> <TD>Lithuanian (standard)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lt(us)</TD> <TD>Lithuanian (US keyboard with Lithuanian letters)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lt(ibm)</TD> <TD>Lithuanian (IBM LST 1205-92)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lt(lekp)</TD> <TD>Lithuanian (LEKP)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lt(lekpa)</TD> <TD>Lithuanian (LEKPa)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv</TD> <TD>Latvian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv(apostrophe)</TD> <TD>Latvian (apostrophe variant)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv(tilde)</TD> <TD>Latvian (tilde variant)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv(fkey)</TD> <TD>Latvian (F variant)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv(modern)</TD> <TD>Latvian (modern)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv(ergonomic)</TD> <TD>Latvian (ergonomic, ŪGJRMV)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv(adapted)</TD> <TD>Latvian (adapted)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mao</TD> <TD>Maori

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me</TD> <TD>Montenegrin

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(cyrillic)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Cyrillic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(cyrillicyz)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Cyrillic, ZE and ZHE swapped)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(latinunicode)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Latin Unicode)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(latinyz)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Latin qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(latinunicodeyz)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Latin Unicode qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(cyrillicalternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Cyrillic with guillemets)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|me(latinalternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Montenegrin (Latin with guillemets)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mk</TD> <TD>Macedonian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mk(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Macedonian (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mt</TD> <TD>Maltese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mt(us)</TD> <TD>Maltese (with US layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mn</TD> <TD>Mongolian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no</TD> <TD>Norwegian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Norwegian (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Norwegian (Winkeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Norwegian (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(smi)</TD> <TD>Northern Saami (Norway)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(smi_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Northern Saami (Norway, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(mac)</TD> <TD>Norwegian (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(mac_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Norwegian (Macintosh, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|no(colemak)</TD> <TD>Norwegian (Colemak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl</TD> <TD>Polish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(legacy)</TD> <TD>Polish (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(qwertz)</TD> <TD>Polish (qwertz)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Polish (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(dvorak_quotes)</TD> <TD>Polish (Dvorak, Polish quotes on quotemark key)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(dvorak_altquotes)</TD> <TD>Polish (Dvorak, Polish quotes on key 1)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(csb)</TD> <TD>Kashubian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(szl)</TD> <TD>Silesian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(ru_phonetic_dvorak)</TD> <TD>Russian (Poland, phonetic Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pl(dvp)</TD> <TD>Polish (programmer Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt</TD> <TD>Portuguese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(mac)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(mac_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Macintosh, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(mac_sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Macintosh, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(nativo)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Nativo)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(nativo-us)</TD> <TD>Portuguese (Nativo for US keyboards)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pt(nativo-epo)</TD> <TD>Esperanto (Portugal, Nativo)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ro</TD> <TD>Romanian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ro(cedilla)</TD> <TD>Romanian (cedilla)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ro(std)</TD> <TD>Romanian (standard)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ro(std_cedilla)</TD> <TD>Romanian (standard cedilla)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ro(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Romanian (WinKeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru</TD> <TD>Russian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(phonetic)</TD> <TD>Russian (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(phonetic_winkeys)</TD> <TD>Russian (phonetic WinKeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(typewriter)</TD> <TD>Russian (typewriter)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(legacy)</TD> <TD>Russian (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(typewriter-legacy)</TD> <TD>Russian (typewriter, legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(tt)</TD> <TD>Tatar

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(os_legacy)</TD> <TD>Ossetian (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(os_winkeys)</TD> <TD>Ossetian (WinKeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(cv)</TD> <TD>Chuvash

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(cv_latin)</TD> <TD>Chuvash (Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(udm)</TD> <TD>Udmurt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(kom)</TD> <TD>Komi

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(sah)</TD> <TD>Yakut

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(xal)</TD> <TD>Kalmyk

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(dos)</TD> <TD>Russian (DOS)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(mac)</TD> <TD>Russian (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(srp)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Russia)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(bak)</TD> <TD>Bashkirian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ru(chm)</TD> <TD>Mari

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs</TD> <TD>Serbian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(yz)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Cyrillic, ZE and ZHE swapped)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(latin)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(latinunicode)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Latin Unicode)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(latinyz)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Latin qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(latinunicodeyz)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Latin Unicode qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(alternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Cyrillic with guillemets)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(latinalternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Serbian (Latin with guillemets)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rs(rue)</TD> <TD>Pannonian Rusyn

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|si</TD> <TD>Slovenian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|si(alternatequotes)</TD> <TD>Slovenian (with guillemets for quotes)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|si(us)</TD> <TD>Slovenian (US keyboard with Slovenian letters)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk</TD> <TD>Slovak

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk(bksl)</TD> <TD>Slovak (extended Backslash)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk(qwerty)</TD> <TD>Slovak (qwerty)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sk(qwerty_bksl)</TD> <TD>Slovak (qwerty, extended Backslash)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es</TD> <TD>Spanish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Spanish (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Winkeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(deadtilde)</TD> <TD>Spanish (include dead tilde)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(ast)</TD> <TD>Asturian (Spain, with bottom-dot H and bottom-dot L)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(cat)</TD> <TD>Catalan (Spain, with middle-dot L)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|es(mac)</TD> <TD>Spanish (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se</TD> <TD>Swedish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Swedish (eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Swedish (Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(rus)</TD> <TD>Russian (Sweden, phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(rus_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Russian (Sweden, phonetic, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(smi)</TD> <TD>Northern Saami (Sweden)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(mac)</TD> <TD>Swedish (Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(svdvorak)</TD> <TD>Swedish (Svdvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|se(swl)</TD> <TD>Swedish Sign Language

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch</TD> <TD>German (Switzerland)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(legacy)</TD> <TD>German (Switzerland, legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(de_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (Switzerland, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(de_sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>German (Switzerland, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(fr)</TD> <TD>French (Switzerland)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(fr_nodeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (Switzerland, eliminate dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(fr_sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>French (Switzerland, Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(fr_mac)</TD> <TD>French (Switzerland, Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ch(de_mac)</TD> <TD>German (Switzerland, Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sy</TD> <TD>Arabic (Syria)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sy(syc)</TD> <TD>Syriac

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sy(syc_phonetic)</TD> <TD>Syriac (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sy(ku)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Syria, Latin Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sy(ku_f)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Syria, F)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sy(ku_alt)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Syria, Latin Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tj</TD> <TD>Tajik

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tj(legacy)</TD> <TD>Tajik (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lk</TD> <TD>Sinhala (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lk(tam_unicode)</TD> <TD>Tamil (Sri Lanka, Unicode)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lk(tam_TAB)</TD> <TD>Tamil (Sri Lanka, TAB Typewriter)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|th</TD> <TD>Thai

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|th(tis)</TD> <TD>Thai (TIS-820.2538)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|th(pat)</TD> <TD>Thai (Pattachote)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr</TD> <TD>Turkish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(f)</TD> <TD>Turkish (F)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(alt)</TD> <TD>Turkish (Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(sundeadkeys)</TD> <TD>Turkish (Sun dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(ku)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Turkey, Latin Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(ku_f)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Turkey, F)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(ku_alt)</TD> <TD>Kurdish (Turkey, Latin Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(intl)</TD> <TD>Turkish (international with dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(crh)</TD> <TD>Crimean Tatar (Turkish Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(crh_f)</TD> <TD>Crimean Tatar (Turkish F)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tr(crh_alt)</TD> <TD>Crimean Tatar (Turkish Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tw</TD> <TD>Taiwanese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tw(indigenous)</TD> <TD>Taiwanese (indigenous)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tw(saisiyat)</TD> <TD>Saisiyat (Taiwan)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua</TD> <TD>Ukrainian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(phonetic)</TD> <TD>Ukrainian (phonetic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(typewriter)</TD> <TD>Ukrainian (typewriter)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(winkeys)</TD> <TD>Ukrainian (WinKeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(legacy)</TD> <TD>Ukrainian (legacy)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(rstu)</TD> <TD>Ukrainian (standard RSTU)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(rstu_ru)</TD> <TD>Russian (Ukraine, standard RSTU)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ua(homophonic)</TD> <TD>Ukrainian (homophonic)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb</TD> <TD>English (UK)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(extd)</TD> <TD>English (UK, extended WinKeys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(intl)</TD> <TD>English (UK, international with dead keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(dvorak)</TD> <TD>English (UK, Dvorak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(dvorakukp)</TD> <TD>English (UK, Dvorak with UK punctuation)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(mac)</TD> <TD>English (UK, Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(mac_intl)</TD> <TD>English (UK, Macintosh international)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|gb(colemak)</TD> <TD>English (UK, Colemak)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|uz</TD> <TD>Uzbek

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|uz(latin)</TD> <TD>Uzbek (Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|vn</TD> <TD>Vietnamese

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kr</TD> <TD>Korean

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kr(kr104)</TD> <TD>Korean (101/104 key compatible)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nec_vndr/jp</TD> <TD>Japanese (PC-98xx Series)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ie</TD> <TD>Irish

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ie(CloGaelach)</TD> <TD>CloGaelach

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ie(UnicodeExpert)</TD> <TD>Irish (UnicodeExpert)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ie(ogam)</TD> <TD>Ogham

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ie(ogam_is434)</TD> <TD>Ogham (IS434)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pk</TD> <TD>Urdu (Pakistan)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pk(urd-crulp)</TD> <TD>Urdu (Pakistan, CRULP)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pk(urd-nla)</TD> <TD>Urdu (Pakistan, NLA)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pk(ara)</TD> <TD>Arabic (Pakistan)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|pk(snd)</TD> <TD>Sindhi

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|mv</TD> <TD>Dhivehi

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|za</TD> <TD>English (South Africa)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|epo</TD> <TD>Esperanto

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|epo(legacy)</TD> <TD>Esperanto (displaced semicolon and quote, obsolete)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|np</TD> <TD>Nepali

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ng</TD> <TD>English (Nigeria)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ng(igbo)</TD> <TD>Igbo

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ng(yoruba)</TD> <TD>Yoruba

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ng(hausa)</TD> <TD>Hausa

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|et</TD> <TD>Amharic

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|sn</TD> <TD>Wolof

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|brai</TD> <TD>Braille

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|brai(left_hand)</TD> <TD>Braille (left hand)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|brai(right_hand)</TD> <TD>Braille (right hand)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm</TD> <TD>Turkmen

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tm(alt)</TD> <TD>Turkmen (Alt-Q)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ml</TD> <TD>Bambara

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ml(fr-oss)</TD> <TD>French (Mali, alternative)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ml(us-mac)</TD> <TD>English (Mali, US Macintosh)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ml(us-intl)</TD> <TD>English (Mali, US international)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|tz</TD> <TD>Swahili (Tanzania)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ke</TD> <TD>Swahili (Kenya)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ke(kik)</TD> <TD>Kikuyu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|bw</TD> <TD>Tswana

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph</TD> <TD>Filipino

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(qwerty-bay)</TD> <TD>Filipino (QWERTY Baybayin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(capewell-dvorak)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Capewell-Dvorak Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(capewell-dvorak-bay)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Capewell-Dvorak Baybayin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(capewell-qwerf2k6)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Capewell-QWERF 2006 Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(capewell-qwerf2k6-bay)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Capewell-QWERF 2006 Baybayin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(colemak)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Colemak Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(colemak-bay)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Colemak Baybayin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(dvorak)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Dvorak Latin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ph(dvorak-bay)</TD> <TD>Filipino (Dvorak Baybayin)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|md</TD> <TD>Moldavian

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|md(gag)</TD> <TD>Moldavian (Gagauz)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD COLSPAN="2|

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>


Switching to another layout

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lswitch</TD> <TD>Left Alt (while pressed)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lwin_switch</TD> <TD>Left Win (while pressed)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:rwin_switch</TD> <TD>Right Win (while pressed)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:win_switch</TD> <TD>Any Win key (while pressed)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:caps_switch</TD> <TD>Caps Lock (while pressed), Alt+Caps Lock does the original capslock action

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:rctrl_switch</TD> <TD>Right Ctrl (while pressed)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:toggle</TD> <TD>Right Alt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lalt_toggle</TD> <TD>Left Alt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:caps_toggle</TD> <TD>Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:shift_caps_toggle</TD> <TD>Shift+Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:shift_caps_switch</TD> <TD>Caps Lock (to first layout), Shift+Caps Lock (to last layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:win_menu_switch</TD> <TD>Left Win (to first layout), Right Win/Menu (to last layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lctrl_rctrl_switch</TD> <TD>Left Ctrl (to first layout), Right Ctrl (to last layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:alt_caps_toggle</TD> <TD>Alt+Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:shifts_toggle</TD> <TD>Both Shift keys together

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:alts_toggle</TD> <TD>Both Alt keys together

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:ctrls_toggle</TD> <TD>Both Ctrl keys together

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:ctrl_shift_toggle</TD> <TD>Ctrl+Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lctrl_lshift_toggle</TD> <TD>Left Ctrl+Left Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:rctrl_rshift_toggle</TD> <TD>Right Ctrl+Right Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:ctrl_alt_toggle</TD> <TD>Alt+Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:alt_shift_toggle</TD> <TD>Alt+Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lalt_lshift_toggle</TD> <TD>Left Alt+Left Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:alt_space_toggle</TD> <TD>Alt+Space

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:menu_toggle</TD> <TD>Menu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lwin_toggle</TD> <TD>Left Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:win_space_toggle</TD> <TD>Win Key+Space

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:rwin_toggle</TD> <TD>Right Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lshift_toggle</TD> <TD>Left Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:rshift_toggle</TD> <TD>Right Shift

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lctrl_toggle</TD> <TD>Left Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:rctrl_toggle</TD> <TD>Right Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:sclk_toggle</TD> <TD>Scroll Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp:lctrl_lwin_rctrl_menu</TD> <TD>LeftCtrl+LeftWin (to first layout), RightCtrl+Menu (to second layout)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Key to choose 3rd level

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:menu_switch</TD> <TD>Menu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:win_switch</TD> <TD>Any Win key

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:lwin_switch</TD> <TD>Left Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:rwin_switch</TD> <TD>Right Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:alt_switch</TD> <TD>Any Alt key

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:lalt_switch</TD> <TD>Left Alt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:ralt_switch</TD> <TD>Right Alt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:ralt_switch_multikey</TD> <TD>Right Alt, Shift+Right Alt key is Compose

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:ralt_alt</TD> <TD>Right Alt key never chooses 3rd level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:enter_switch</TD> <TD>Enter on keypad

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:caps_switch</TD> <TD>Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:bksl_switch</TD> <TD>Backslash

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:lsgt_switch</TD> <TD><Less/Greater>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:caps_switch_latch</TD> <TD>Caps Lock chooses 3rd level, acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd-level-chooser

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:bksl_switch_latch</TD> <TD>Backslash chooses 3rd level, acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd-level-chooser

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv3:lsgt_switch_latch</TD> <TD><Less/Greater> chooses 3rd level, acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd-level-chooser

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Ctrl key position

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:lctrl_meta</TD> <TD>Left Ctrl as Meta

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:swapcaps</TD> <TD>Swap Ctrl and Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:ac_ctrl</TD> <TD>At left of 'A'

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:aa_ctrl</TD> <TD>At bottom left

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:rctrl_ralt</TD> <TD>Right Ctrl as Right Alt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:menu_rctrl</TD> <TD>Menu as Right Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:ctrl_ralt</TD> <TD>Right Alt as Right Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl</TD> <TD>Swap Left Alt key with Left Ctrl key

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:swap_lwin_lctl</TD> <TD>Swap Left Win key with Left Ctrl key

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl_lwin</TD> <TD>Left Alt as Ctrl, Left Ctrl as Win, Left Win as Alt

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Use keyboard LED to show alternative layout

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp_led:caps</TD> <TD>Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grp_led:scroll</TD> <TD>Scroll Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Layout of numeric keypad

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:oss</TD> <TD>Unicode additions (arrows and math operators)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:future</TD> <TD>Unicode additions (arrows and math operators; math operators on default level)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:legacy_wang</TD> <TD>Legacy Wang 724

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:oss_wang</TD> <TD>Wang 724 keypad with Unicode additions (arrows and math operators)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:future_wang</TD> <TD>Wang 724 keypad with Unicode additions (arrows and math operators; math operators on default level)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:hex</TD> <TD>Hexadecimal

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:atm</TD> <TD>ATM/phone-style

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Numeric keypad delete key behaviour

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:comma</TD> <TD>Legacy key with comma

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:dotoss</TD> <TD>Four-level key with dot

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:dotoss_latin9</TD> <TD>Four-level key with dot, Latin-9 only

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:commaoss</TD> <TD>Four-level key with comma

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:momayyezoss</TD> <TD>Four-level key with momayyez

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:kposs</TD> <TD>Four-level key with abstract separators

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|kpdl:semi</TD> <TD>Semicolon on third level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Caps Lock key behavior

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:internal_nocancel</TD> <TD>Caps Lock uses internal capitalization; Shift doesn't affect Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:shift</TD> <TD>Caps Lock acts as Shift with locking; Shift "pauses" Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:shift_nocancel</TD> <TD>Caps Lock acts as Shift with locking; Shift doesn't affect Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:capslock</TD> <TD>Caps Lock toggles normal capitalization of alphabetic characters

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:numlock</TD> <TD>Make Caps Lock an additional Num Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:swapescape</TD> <TD>Swap ESC and Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:escape</TD> <TD>Make Caps Lock an additional ESC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:backspace</TD> <TD>Make Caps Lock an additional Backspace

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:super</TD> <TD>Make Caps Lock an additional Super

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:hyper</TD> <TD>Make Caps Lock an additional Hyper

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:shiftlock</TD> <TD>Caps Lock toggles ShiftLock (affects all keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:none</TD> <TD>Caps Lock is disabled

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|caps:ctrl_modifier</TD> <TD>Make Caps Lock an additional Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Alt/Win key behavior

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:meta_alt</TD> <TD>Alt and Meta are on Alt keys

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:alt_win</TD> <TD>Alt is mapped to Win keys (and the usual Alt keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:ctrl_win</TD> <TD>Ctrl is mapped to Win keys (and the usual Ctrl keys)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:ctrl_alt_win</TD> <TD>Ctrl is mapped to Alt keys, Alt is mapped to Win keys

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:meta_win</TD> <TD>Meta is mapped to Win keys

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:left_meta_win</TD> <TD>Meta is mapped to Left Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:hyper_win</TD> <TD>Hyper is mapped to Win keys

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:alt_super_win</TD> <TD>Alt is mapped to Right Win, Super to Menu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|altwin:swap_alt_win</TD> <TD>Alt is swapped with Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Position of Compose key

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:lwin</TD> <TD>Left Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:lwin-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of Left Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:rwin</TD> <TD>Right Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:rwin-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of Right Win

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:menu</TD> <TD>Menu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:menu-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of Menu

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:lctrl</TD> <TD>Left Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:lctrl-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of Left Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:rctrl</TD> <TD>Right Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:rctrl-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of Right Ctrl

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:caps</TD> <TD>Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:caps-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:102</TD> <TD><Less/Greater>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:102-altgr</TD> <TD>3rd level of <Less/Greater>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:paus</TD> <TD>Pause

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:prsc</TD> <TD>PrtSc

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|compose:sclk</TD> <TD>Scroll Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Miscellaneous compatibility options

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|numpad:mac</TD> <TD>Numeric keypad keys always enter digits (as in Mac OS)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|numpad:microsoft</TD> <TD>Shift with numeric keypad keys works as in MS Windows

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|numpad:shift3</TD> <TD>Shift does not cancel Num Lock, chooses 3rd level instead

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|srvrkeys:none</TD> <TD>Special keys (Ctrl+Alt+<key>) handled in a server

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|apple:alupckeys</TD> <TD>Apple Aluminium Keyboard: emulate PC keys (Print, Scroll Lock, Pause, Num Lock)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|shift:breaks_caps</TD> <TD>Shift cancels Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|misc:typo</TD> <TD>Enable extra typographic characters

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|shift:both_capslock</TD> <TD>Both Shift keys together toggle Caps Lock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|shift:both_capslock_cancel</TD> <TD>Both Shift keys together activate Caps Lock, one Shift key deactivates

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|shift:both_shiftlock</TD> <TD>Both Shift keys together toggle ShiftLock

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|keypad:pointerkeys</TD> <TD>Shift + NumLock toggles PointerKeys

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grab:break_actions</TD> <TD>Allow breaking grabs with keyboard actions (warning: security risk)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|grab:debug</TD> <TD>Allow grab and window tree logging

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Adding currency signs to certain keys

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|eurosign:2</TD> <TD>Euro on 2

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|eurosign:4</TD> <TD>Euro on 4

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|eurosign:5</TD> <TD>Euro on 5

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|rupeesign:4</TD> <TD>Rupee on 4

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Key to choose 5th level

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv5:ralt_switch_lock</TD> <TD>Right Alt chooses 5th level, locks when pressed together with another 5th-level-chooser

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv5:lwin_switch_lock</TD> <TD>Left Win chooses 5th level, locks when pressed together with another 5th-level-chooser

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|lv5:rwin_switch_lock</TD> <TD>Right Win chooses 5th level, locks when pressed together with another 5th-level-chooser

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Using space key to input non-breakable space character

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level2</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at second level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level3</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at third level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level3s</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at third level, nothing at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level3n</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at third level, thin non-breakable space character at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level4</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level4n</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at fourth level, thin non-breakable space character at sixth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:level4nl</TD> <TD>Non-breakable space character at fourth level, thin non-breakable space character at sixth level (via Ctrl+Shift)

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2zwj3</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, zero-width joiner character at third level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2zwj3nb4</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, zero-width joiner character at third level, non-breakable space character at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2nb3</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2nb3s</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level, nothing at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2nb3zwj4</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level, zero-width joiner at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj2nb3nnb4</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at second level, non-breakable space character at third level, thin non-breakable space at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|nbsp:zwnj3zwj4</TD> <TD>Zero-width non-joiner character at third level, zero-width joiner at fourth level

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Japanese keyboard options

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|japan:nicola_f_bs</TD> <TD>NICOLA-F style Backspace

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|japan:hztg_escape</TD> <TD>Make Zenkaku Hankaku an additional ESC

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Adding Esperanto supersigned letters

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|esperanto:dvorak</TD> <TD>To the corresponding key in a Dvorak layout

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|esperanto:colemak</TD> <TD>To the corresponding key in a Colemak layout

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Maintain key compatibility with old Solaris keycodes

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

Key sequence to kill the X server

<TABLE BORDER> <TR> <TD> <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD CLASS="c1|Option</TD> <TD>Description

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="top| <TD></TD> <TD>

</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>



















Switching to another layout

Key to choose 3rd level

Ctrl key position

Use keyboard LED to show alternative layout

Layout of numeric keypad

Numeric keypad delete key behaviour

Caps Lock key behavior

Alt/Win key behavior

Position of Compose key

Miscellaneous compatibility options

Adding currency signs to certain keys

Key to choose 5th level

Using space key to input non-breakable space character

Japanese keyboard options

Adding Esperanto supersigned letters

Maintain key compatibility with old Solaris keycodes

Key sequence to kill the X server