Facebook Live Interviews

Hey Mark Zuckerberg, I have a really cool idea for facebook. Velfies will become old eventually, as people will only show themselves on cellphone cameras.

velfies=video selfies

Why not give profile/page owners the ability to make short interviews with the help of facebook.

On the screen and previosly, people would write an introduction for the the interviewed person/professional, after that a series questions that they will ask for the person been interviewed.

When they touch the question on the screen, the cellphone camera will show the interviewer and he will make the question for the interviewed person/professional, thus enabling anyone to become an assisted interviewer/reporter.

Public figures have access to lots of professionals and interesting people that most professional reporters don't.

Field research, market research would be made by the people inside those fields and markets.

Interesting people maybe very close to them and also may have some intimacy, enough to make the interview more relaxed and easy to watch, because they trust the interviewer.

Plus, since it is all informal and non professional, there maybe a lot of funny things happening at the same time as the interview goes on.

A good thing would also be a series of question that the software would ask previously, a script, like questions to make an introduction of the interviewed professional/person, a bridge or conduction to a scenario/field of work where the questions would take place and lastly a closing with space for merchandise selling, calls for other videos, a word of sponsor thing and so on.

That would create a innovative way to use cellphones, front and rear camera could be used, more content for channel/page/profile owners beyond velfies/selfies, interesting and exclusive material/interviews/short/documentaries and also will bring tons of laughs as people will surely make lot's of mistakes.

Essa sugestão foi enviada para o Facebook ! :D