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Onde mantenho minhas receitas/plugins do pmwiki. Where I keep my recipes. NecroMonger January 08, 2012, at 06:14 PM

I don't know why I chose this name for the group, maybe it is because writing recipes takes my mind far away from everything but.

Also it is the theme on my code editor "Oblivion".

Once recipes are ready and well tested, they will be moved to the mothership.


  1. RichEditor - A recipe to integrate RTEs to PmWiki.
  2. FullBBCode - BBCode tags for all html elements possible including html5 elements to serve as a base for RTE integration.
  3. PtBrFullConvertion - Full convertion of PmWiki from english to pt-br.
  4. RichSnippets - How to integrate rich snippets to PmWiki.
  5. VPath - How to create Virtual Paths to be used with PmWiki and pagelist.
  6. VPathBreadCrumb? - Recipe used with VPath to create beautiful visual breadcrumbs for your pages.
  7. DynamicLanguage - Per page change in language definitions trough markup.
  8. LoadRecipe - Load certain types of recipes per page trough a specific markup, honoring dependencies and other features.
  9. TextSpinner - MarkupExpression that spins texts from options provided trough especial markup.
  10. YamlIntegration - How to best integrate Yaml to PmWiki.
  11. Yaml4Skin? - Using the default theme of yaml 4 as a skin for PmWiki.
  12. Textile? - Textile support for PmWiki.
  13. MarkupMarkup2? - An improved markupmarkup that lets you see ( pmwiki markup, generated and rendered html and html markup source code ) in three different lines or columns. This is necessary for me, to create documentation about markups, generated html and source visualization.
  14. Dcal? - A server side calendar recipe.
  15. Maguila? - A skin for PmWiki.
  16. Tagto - Tagto, my first markup language.
  17. AutoDescription - Tries to create a description meta tag when the description directive is not used inside a wiki page.

Needs more work

  1. CSS3 Category Decoration For Links - Decoration for PmWiki Category links.
  2. SimuleEditAlt - Wikipedia oldschool way to handle edit diffs (quick hack) .


  1. DelayedIndexing - Delayed Indexing.
  2. GoogleWebFonts - Integration of google web fonts service trough special markup.
  3. Viglink - Viglink, an automatic link affiliation program.


  1. VirusScanner - A virus scanner for uploaded files using the virus total site services. Google offers this kind of service trough webmaster services.