Text Spinner

Web marketeers created a spin markup that is used with specialized software to change an article in a way that every version that comes out of it, looks unique.

The spin markup we will create {(spin)} works the same way, to help creating new versions of the same document, changing small parts of text, that will be displayed alternately each time the page is loaded, without changing the article meaning.

This kind of markup helps you build new versions of the same article with different levels of uniqueness. It could be used to show a service that your site is constantly been changed and updated but, would that be unethical ?!

I have read some articles claiming this is unethical, because of search engines, google, adsense and adworkds, and how this affects them, but this markup could also be used for ethical stuff.

A really good example is an article directory - built with PmWiki of course - made of spinned articles, users could choose a version and spread it.

The markup is built on top of PmWiki's current functionality, called markup expressions.


{(spin "text1" "text2" "text3" (spin "subtext1" "subtext2" "subtext3"))}

Markup expressions enables the possibility of nesting markups.