Pm Wiki Users-Map

Location of PmWiki websites

See also PmWikiUsers-GMap for an alternative user map.

(:gma-map width='90% height=500px view=sat ctrl=-overview:)

Add your point below, don't forget to test it after adding it

(:gma-point lat=40.35786 lon=-74.654932 text='<a href="">MR2 Wiki -- DaveG</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=56.748205 lon=24.689026 text='<a href="">Konstruktors CSS</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-31.476604 lon=152.929516 text='<a href="">ASC Consultants</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=57.159194 lon=-2.127056 text='<a href="">Software Systems Open For Business</a> open source software services using pmwiki':)

(:gma-point lat=50.136 lon=8.91845 text='<a href="">Hanauer Friedensplattform</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=40.35786 lon=-74.654932 text='<a href="">Max Vessi personal site, Linux, Rebol and more!</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=33.08778 lon=-96.76124 text="Pm":)

(:gma-point lat=52.554671 lon=-1.795221 text='<a href="">Classic Science Fiction</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=36.500986 lon=-4.699788 text='<a href="">Auxbuss -- Marc</a>':)

(:gma-point addr='10940' text='XES - Crisses - Eclectic Tech, LLC':)

(:gma-point lat=31.37 lon=-100.50 text='<a href="">VTwin Directory</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=31.37 lon=-100.55 text='<a href="">wslib RSS Directory</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-35.1658 lon=149.07 text='<a href="">Loveday Wetlands</a>)':)

(:gma-point lat=42.673412 lon=-81.208963 text='<a href=""> - Russ Jackman</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-35.1658 lon=149.07 text='The Australian Archives (<a href=""></a>)':)

(:gma-point lat=16.33 lon=77.783203 text='GPS in India (<a href=""></a>)':)

(:gma-point lat=-41.2242 lon=174.8864 text='<a href="">Kiwi wiki</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-41.296667 lon=174.78431 text='<a href="">Tararua tramping club</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-41.137466 lon=174.836909 text='<a href="">Wellington caving group</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-38.260676 lon=175.10956 text='<a href="">New Zealand Speleological society</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=47.726147 lon=-122.326198 text='<a href="">Ian MacGregor</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=41.445536 lon=-75.614494 text='<a href="">OtherMichael's writings</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=59.918108 lon=10.74303 text='<a href=""></a>':)

(:gma-point lat=49.878514 lon=-97.141414 text='<a href="">Sean Gustafson</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=47.76255 lon=-122.18325 text='Tyrel Newton':)

(:gma-point lat=37.990481 lon=23.716736 text='<a href="">HELLUG: Hellenic Linux User Group</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=30.270928 lon=-97.742615 text='<a href="">UT Sailing Club</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=41.328376 lon=19.799437 text='<a ref="">Center for Christian Leadership</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=47.641061 lon=6.840835 text='<a href="">Profiles/Dfaure</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=48.894744 lon=18.021419 text='<a href="">OBUTEX s.r.o., SK</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=51.904884 lon=-8.466854 text='<a href="">University College Cork, IE</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=52.3584 lon=4.86122 text='<a href="">Ditjes en datjes van Kropveld</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=53.01379 lon=18.598444 text='<a href=""> - Where would Copernic play ?</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=43.51444 lon=4.989444 text='<a href="">lionel.a</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=46.980329 lon=7.477698 text='<a href="">My Home Page</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=39.625362 lon=19.916644 text='<a href="">Iannis Zannos</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=40.879208 lon=29.099026 text='<a href="">Heybeliada International Sound Centre</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=50.623058 lon=8.29330 text='<a href="">Biowiki</a>':)

(:gma-point lat=-22.7325 lon=-46.8944 text='<a href=""> - Localpedia for mobile users</a>':)

How to set a marker on the map

  • copy and paste one of the above (:gma-point ... :) lines visible in edit mode and update to suit.
  • To find your location use google maps.
    • Click on "Link to this page", and then click the textbox "Paste HTML to embed in website". This will copy a long string into the clipboard.
      • If you now do a paste you'll see something like:
        <iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=princeton,+nj&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;z=14&amp;iwloc=addr&amp;ll=40.35786,-74.654932&amp;output=embed&amp;s=AARTsJrhYLfVOmPF8Oa78-9gZYmtUXTygw"></iframe><br /><small><a href=";hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=princeton,+nj&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;z=14&amp;iwloc=addr&amp;ll=40.35786,-74.654932&amp;source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>
      • The bit you want is ll=40.35786,-74.654932
    • Use these numbers as your latitude and longitude (viz lat=40.35786 lon=-74.654932).
  • see Cookbook:GoogleMapAPI for more details of the parameters available

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