This page contains the conversion rules to convert PmWiki's prompts into Ukrainian language. See Localization.Localization and Internationalizations for how to details.

Strings have the original (English) text on the left-hand-side, and two quotation marks on the right-hand-side which can be filled with the translation.

Some strings already have an English explanation on the right-hand-side, which can be replaced with the appropriate translation, to explain the cryptic string names on the left-hand-side.

Lines commencing with the comment character "#" do not need to be translated.

Other strings to be translated, including some used in previous versions of PmWiki, may be found at Localization.XLPageCookbookTemplate.

Message for Sergei and Andriy: I have done some fixes, but I will explain why. Maybe our documentation is not clear enough.

  • If the right-hand-side is the empty string, PmWiki will use the default English version.
  • Some (typical hosting) servers don't support non-ASCII file names. For that reason we keep the standard PmWiki file names in ASCII (English).
    And use the (:title:) directive to translate the page name when viewing or referencing it.
  • For some pages this translation can be done automatically (without the (:title:) directive) like RecentChanges.
    For that reason leave the deprecated entry '{$Group}/RecentChanges' refering to the empty string.
    Under section PageTitle/LinkText technical pages you have already a translation for this page RecentChanges.
    This way the 'page name' is RecentChanges, but the 'page title' and the 'link' to this page when using [[RecentChanges|+]] is the translated name.
  • Section Page locations defines references to the translated versions of the PmWiki technical include pages.
    • If used the pages refering to need to exist, otherwise PmWiki shows an empty page or empty page section!
    • If used the {$SiteGroup} part must be replaced by the group name (PmWikiUk).
    • Only use the (:title:) directive in the Search page! Due to a default PmWiki setting, the last title directive defined wins,
      also if found in included pages, and would overwrite the title of the page you are working on.
    • I have updated the entries, and created a local copy of the those pages, ready for you to translate.

-- SchreyP? 10.06.2010 17:20